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     The first standard I want to highlight is cleanliness. It is essential that the watch movement is completely cleaned before it is oiled, to avoid contaminating the new oil with abrasive dust and dirt. The photo below shows a movement which has been manually pre-cleaned to remove large dirt particles, and then cleaned in a watch cleaning machine. Traces of dust and old lubricants are still present, which must be removed before new lubricant can be applied.

   Adding oil to an unclean movement can form an abrasive paste, which will wear down watch parts. In applying an exacting standard of cleanliness. Additionally, when assembling a movement, I take steps to avoid contamination. These include using finger cots to avoid touching the movement with my bare fingers, and to never use rub off after a movement has been  cleaned, during oiling process as a residue is sometimes left and can contaminate the oiling or the residue can be seen on the movement detracting from the quality of workmanship.  

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