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Rare Vintage 1947 Omega 30T2RG
Professionally Serviced

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       Here I have for sale a truly Rare watch. A 1947 18k Omega 30T2RG., Official Certified Chronometer. Reference 14177. To collectors what more can I say. One of the “Holy Grail” watches for Omega collectors. This watch is huge on the wrist for its time, measuring 36.4mm without the crown and 38.5mm with. Please take a look at the photo’s. Most of the models I have seen are stainless steel or 14k and measuring 33mm or 35mm, this model is one up from there. 

       This watch has just been serviced and a conservation method was used. It has a new crown, crystal, and  mainspring. A new Omega barrel was sourced to replace the original high polished one used in this caliber. The original barrel will be included. These models are hard to find with the “original dial”. The original dial has a lovely patina to it, and the size makes it more of a size everyone is looking for today.

      After checking online, I found the dial to be a variant, as published in a book. The case has been hand cleaned as it still holds original lines, and two of the lugs have a small tilt to them. The movement is in great shape, 17 jewels and adjusted to 5 positions. This movement has a very storied history, from its chronometer testing, and not many being made. Please take a look at the photo's. Now $4995 cdn

Vintage Longines Admiral Serviced

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I have for sale a beautiful 10k gold filled vintage Longines automatic with date. The dial and case are in great shape. This is the 5 Star Admiral model, measuring approx 35mm without the crown and 37.75 mm with. Caliber 890.2, 17 jewels, quick set date and balance stop. This watch has been serviced. SOLD

Vintage Omega Memomatic Restored

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 Vintage 1969 Omega Alarm Memomatic.  This watch measures 40.5 mm without the crown and alarm pushers. It has 22mm lug size. Beautiful new old stock case. Lovely very in demand blue dial and baby blue second hand. Automatic caliber 980 ref. 166.072. Signed five times, dial, movement, crown, case, and crystal. The crystal still has the plastic see threw sticker on it. When collecting watches it is all about the condition and this watch case is a 10 out 10 in my opinion. You can contact me and I can tell you more about the watch. The Omega box and Bergeon cushion are not included. $2500 cdn being Serviced at the moment

Vintage Omega

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This is a unpolished all original Vintage Omega Rare ref 2640-9sc, caliber 283. Manual wind, 17 jewels, with a rare tropical two tone dial that has a peach sunburnt patina, also known as “creme brulee” . This watch looks absolutely stunning, the pictures just do not serve it justice. Signed 5 times, dial, crown, case, movement and crystal. This watch has jumbo size look to it and is approx. 36 mm without the crown, approx 38.20 mm with and 43.5 mm in length. New leather band attached to the 18 mm lug size. It has not been serviced but is working well. $1295 cdn

Vintage Rolex Tudor Oysterdate Full Set & Serviced

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Vintage Tudor collector’s dream. Approx. 1977 Rolex Tudor Oysterdate fully serviced and working great. The watch is gold plated and comes with the original Rolex crown and riveted gold filled Rolex bracelet. Dial is nice and clean, and the ETA 2784 movement is running strong with the quick set date function also changing as it should. The watch measures 32mm without the crown and 35mm with. The lug size is 17mm. The real find here is the price tag, booklet, box and warranty booklet are included. Being from the 1970’s the box and booklet was also used for other Tudor's, need I say more. The box and papers a highly sought after and very collectible. The service of this watch was featured by me online   SOLD

      Here I have for sale  a nice vintage 1944 verified by the serial number as date of production an Omega, manual wind, with a stepped case. This model is ref ck2300 with the 17 jewel caliber r17.8 movement also known as the caliber 300.


      Original dial which in my opinion looks great. This dial has a nice patina, that has stone look to it, hands and original blued centre second hand. The stepped case, around the bezel, which is highly desirable, matches the dial perfectly adding even patina.


     The watch measures 31mm without the crown and 33.5 with the crown.The case, crystal, movement, stem and crown all look in great shape.


   This watch is keeping excellent time in multiple positions as you can see from the photo's. The timing was tested using multiple machines one being a professional watch timing machine. The Lug size is 16mm and attached to a new leather band.

This watch has not been tested for water resistance and is no longer water resistant. SOLD

Vintage 1944 Omega Keeping Excellent Time SOLD

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18k Chronograph Professionally Serviced SOLD



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       I have for sale here a very nice vintage 18k chronographe suisse, fully serviced and working as it should. The chronograph starts stops and resets very smooth. The Landeron movement has 17 jewels and is cam based chronograph.    The dial has really nice patina to it and is a really nice in person. The watch measures 33.5 mm without the crown and 36.25 with. It has 17mm lug size and fitted with a new leather band.

      The gold filled numbers on the dial and  gold coloured hands match so nicely with each other and also the 18k old case, adding to the contrast in the colour of dial. The watch does not look over polished as the lines on the lugs are still evident and also the gold stamp on the side of the case.

This watch case has a dust cover that is not 18k gold. The case back over the dust cover is 18k.

Please see the photo's


This watch case has some dings and scratches from years of use.

No warranty as this is a vintage piece.SOLD

Vintage Rolex Victory circa 1940's

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       Here I have for sale a nice vintage Rolex Victory from the 1940’s. This is a Rolex ref 3478.  It is marked on the inside case back “Oyster Watch co.” and also “RWC ltd” The dial on this watch looks absolutely great and is original. This dial sports a second ring chapter, and a minute chapter. It also has a red 24hr indication with matching red centre second hand. The hands look like they have been changed at some time and also the crown is generic and no longer a screw down crown. This watch is fitted with a original period G. Freres bamboo style bracelet which is exactly what some of the models would have had on during that time. These watch models were made for the Canadian market and are hard to find with the original dial. The watch measures 29.5 mm without the crown and 32mm with. This hard to find G. Freres bracelet locks as it should and is attached at the 16mm lugs of the watch. This watch has not been serviced but is currently working and keeping time.SOLD


Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic

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All watches are now kept in a secure location. Please click on the watches for more photo's


      I have for sale a beautiful vintage 1952 Omega bumper automatic. Caliber 342, 17 jewels, bumper automatic swinging nicely , and with the original Omega crown. The dial has beautiful patina and a case that is in great shape with fancy lugs and no wear to the lugs. Approx 33mm without the original crown and 34.75 mm with. New mainspring and lower rotor jewel installed. This watch has been serviced and is working great.Sold

Vintage 1966 Omega Constellation Pie Pan and Cross Hair Dial

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     Here I have for sale one of my favourite watches. This one is from my own collection. A vintage 1966 Omega Constellation Pie Pan & Cross Hair dial with quick set date. This has a caliber 565 movment which has a chronometer rating. All original 5 times signed, dial, case, movement, crystal and crown. this is a beautiful watch with just a little patina on the dial. Everything works great. $2500 CDN


Vintage Harmon Chronograph
Valjoux 23 Professionally Serviced SOLD

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     I have for sale one of my favourite chronographs , with the famous Valjoux 23 caliber. This piece is from the late 1930’s to 1940’s. This watch has been professionally serviced and tested for 5 days. It is a nice chronograph measuring 32.5 mm without the crown and 34.5 mm with the crown. Lug size is 16 mm. It has 17 jewels and a Breguet hairspring. The dial does have some discoloration but it really adds to the character of the watch together with the case condition. The case has some plating loss, but no major dents and the lugs have no holes from underneath. New crystal installed. The watch sports some nice gold coloured hands, gold coloured raised numerals, and a telemeter.  Only top quality oils and greases where used. The correct oils on the gear train, escapement and correct greases on the keyless work and chronograph. It has a new mainspring . This movement is hard to find in great shape and working well because between the Valjoux 23 (the two sub-dial version )and later 72 c( the three sub-dial version) only 126,583 movements were made . This movement has been used by some of the top watch companies including Rolex, Breitling and Heuer. The chronograph starts, stops and resets very smoothly, and correctly. This column wheel chronograph as you can see from the movement photo is in great shape and running at 18000 bph and with the timing machine set to the correct lift angle of 52, the amplitude is strong and it is also strong with the chronograph turned on. The depthing of all the gears have been checked and corrected and the watch has been tested for a five days after servicing. The watch is running well, with a good delta in three positions and great amplitude with and without the chronograph running. In my opinion this is one of the best manual wind chronographs ever made and must for any collection.  Professionally serviced with a new crystal and mainspring. SOLD

1934 Longines Sector Dial
Professionally Serviced SOLD

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     Here I have for sale a beautiful vintage rare 1934 Longines with a stunning two toned sector dial and a great  art deco stepped case.  The period curved doomed crystal adds to the art deco design of the case.  This watch sports original blued hands with a sweeping center second hand.  The dial has a two toned effect, with the centre circle being a light gold colour, surrounded by a silver and black printed numbers.  This watch has been professionally serviced and has had more of a conservation process than a restoration one to preserve this watch and keep everything original, including the matching serial numbers under the watch bridges and plates.  New mainspring and balance staff installed.  The case is 22.2 mm wide without the crown and 24 mm with.  It also measures 38mm in length and has a new Italian leather band attached to the 18 mm lugs.   The Longines font is printed in a non-serif style and the entire dial is original. This watch displays a classic look and is the original not the modern remake we see being made today as homage pieces to this great era. The longines caliber 9.4 has 16 jewels and a blued hairspring.  This watch is very elegant and sophisticated and can be worn from a sporty look to a formal one.  SOLD

1940's Rolex Tudor boys size. Caliber 59

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       I have for sale a unisex, boys size Rolex Tudor, with a genuine Rolex caliber 59 movement, manual wind. Gold filled case with stainless steel case back. Original Rolex crown, that screws down perfect. This watch has not been serviced but is working well. Original dial ( with small rose ), case, movement and crown. Lugs are in good shape, just a little wear to the case. The case measures 29.25mm with out the crown and 32mm with. The lug size is 16mm.

 $ 999 cdn

Hanhart Super Stop Watch working   SOLD


Vintage Birks LCD circa 1970's working  Sold


Rare and hard to find Tudor by Rolex Geneva Oyster style case box good condition just a little fading. Sold


Vintage Benrus 3 Star Automatic Sold


Here I have for sale a nice vintage Benrus, if you are looking for a nice classic watch this is it. It measures 33.4 mm without the crown and 36mm with. It has not been serviced and comes with no guarantee, it is not longer water resistant. sold

Vintage Mido Multifort, bumper automatic, working, missing secind hand and post, but still working. SOLD


Vintage Ladies Zenith Manual wind, serviced and in beautiful shape, the case, dial and movement. Sold

zenith 03.jpg

Vintage 1950's Hamilton Lyndon Serviced


Just serviced, this beautiful 1950's vintage Hamilton Lyndon. This case is gold filled case, 18k gold numerals a on a sterling silver original dial, not repainted, and original crown. This watch just screams a cool vibe with the design on the lugs. Caliber 748 movement, made in the U.S.A., fully serviced. 18 jewel, adjusted movement. There is some wear on the back, under the stem. The watch measures 31.75mm without the crown and 34.75 with. Lug size 16mm and fitted with a new Italian leather band. The service of this watch was featured by me online. This watch will come with two bands, one new  Italian Leather black band and one, in good condition JB Champion, gold filled stainless steel back, centre expansion bracelet. SOLD


Vintage Tudor "Tuxedo" by Rolex

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Nice with a beautiful patina on the dial, fully serviced, Tudor " Tuxedo" 1950's. Measuring 34mm in width without the crown and has a 19mm lug size. The outside ring of the dial has a nice yellow patina to it. After market  screw down crown and case tube. Was $1995 now $1795 cdn



Vintage 1950'-60's Certina automatic, working good, with a new old stock vintage Kreisler made in the USA band. Sold


Vintage Ladies Tissot manual wind watch. This watch is mechanical and is fully serviced and ready to wear. It is working perfect with the minute hand replaced. Sold


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