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      Finally, I want to highlight my standard of hairspring adjustment. The hairspring is the most delicate part of the watch, and if it is damaged or misadjusted the watch will not keep time correctly.

          The hairspring must be both flat and round, with coils evenly spaced. The watch’s regulator pins, which straddle the hairspring and allow the watchmaker to make the timepiece run faster or slower, must be straight and parallel.

  Besides a visual inspection, I determine whether the hairspring is correctly positioned by testing how the watch functions in multiple positions. By looking at changes in one key parameter, the beat rate, I can determine whether a hairspring is correctly positioned. As the watch is timed in multiple positions the beat rate should only change a small amount illustrating that the hairspring is  flat and concentric. If the beat rate changes considerably, this shows that the hairspring is not correctly positioned. I take a lot of time to ensure that the hairspring on your timepiece is adjusted correctly. This ensures that your watch is giving you the very best performance possible.     

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